1. This might be my favorite picture ever. Love those babies (and their mama). 

  2. Restaurant equipment store


  3. Here are some of the photos from baby David’s newborn shoot. For the full post, click here.

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  4. Here are some of the maternity photos I took of Blake and Rebekah before David was born. You can see the full blog post here

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  5. I was asked to shoot some photos for the National Auctioneers Association as they inaugurated their 62nd president, Christie King. She was featured in their Auctioneer Magazine for this issue. 

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  6. Signs of Spring

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  7. Brittney, Chris and Evan

    Evan is just one of the cutest and sweetest little boys I’ve ever met. I did Brittney’s maternity photos in December, and just a couple of days later, Evan was here. 

    Last week, I was able to meet up with Brittney and Chris again, but this time I got to meet Evan for the first time. He’s a precious little boy — sweet and cuddly with his mom and smiles and giggles for his dad. You can see the special relationship each of his parents has with him, and their love for him is obvious too. 

    Here’s a few shots of Evan at three months old. 

    I just can’t get enough of those sweet eyes.


  8. Resume Photo-a-Day for 2011. Yay or nay?

    It’s a lot of work. This is what my 2009 P-a-Ds turned into. I know I can take much better quality photos in 2011 than I could then. (I mean, I actually know that I’m doing now. Kind of.) The question is: Do I want to take the time to actually do it? Voting begins… now!


  9. {lucy’s one!}

    I love this baby. It’s hard to believe that she’s a year old, but she is. And she enjoyed every minute of her birthday cake.

    This was my first shoot using my new lens. I love the lens when I get it right, but I definitely need more practice with it. The pictures aren’t perfect, but the baby in them is. :)

    Happy birthday, Lucy!